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Bromeliad - the perfect finishing touch to your interior

Plants have become super trendy & the distinctive Bromeliad is a unique plant that is a great source of energy and easy to care for. Not only your living room, but the kitchen, bedroom and even the bathroom are all perfect places for a Bromeliad!

Tropical roots

Bromeliads have travelled the world for a long time now. Before that, their ancestors grew high in the rugged mountains of the Cordilleras de los Andes and deep in the tropical jungles of Uruguay. During the eighteenth century, Belgian traders visiting these lands discovered the beauty of Bromeliads and took a few plants back to Europe with them. This was the starting point for all the many, many varieties of Bromeliads from which we can choose today.


Bromeliads are available in so many varieties and colours that your garden centre or florist will always have some in stock. What’s more, the selection can change by the week. If you go to the garden centre or florist shop often enough, you’ll be discovering new varieties and colours again and again. Another nice thing about Bromeliads is that they’re always available. Every season is Bromeliad season!

Sustainable growing

Their production is environmentally friendly, too. This is because growers purify and recycle their water and apply only safe crop protection products and nutrients. A high-tech computer efficiently ensures an ideal climate – with the proper temperature, humidity, light intensity – and water.


Bromeliads are beautiful, strong and very easy to maintain. They will bring you great pleasure for an average of 3 – 6 months.


Easy care label

This plant only needs some water in its heart & it blooms for 3 months.

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Bromelias are among the plants with proven air purifying qualities.

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