Mainly from Ecuador and Colombia.
icon location
From light to very bright, never expose to direct sunlight.
icon watering
Once a week
icon temperature
16-21 ° C
icon eatbale
Not necessary

Care tips

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Meet the plant

Guzmania is one of the easiest bromelias with a large rosette-shaped flower. You see them in the colors yellow, orange, red but beautiful pink and white varieties are also available these days.

Nice to know

As soon as the Guzmania flower loses its color and becomes brown, it is slowly dying. Time has come to get a new one as a bromelia blossoms only once. It is however possible that you can see cuttings appear after blossoming. When you water this young plant and after two weeks plant it with its roots in its own pot, you can nurture it into a mature plant. This takes a year before the plant is ready to flower. Now, you can imitate nature. Put a ripe apple in the heart of the plant, cover the plant with a plastic bag and seal it. Let the apple ripen for three weeks in the plant. After eight to sixteen weeks, a new flower will emerge.

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