The Aechmea is native to Central and South America, where it is still found in countless varieties and colours in the wild. This beautiful Bromeliad is available in 3 completely different varieties: pink, orange and multicoloured in purple/white/red.

Their tropical roots make Aechmeas excellent survivors and therefore, they require little maintenance.
icon location
From light to very bright, never expose to direct sunlight.
icon watering
1x per 2 weeks
icon temperature
14-30 ° C
icon eatbale
Not necessary

Care tips

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Meet the plant

What is conveniently known as flowers, are in fact mostly beautiful bracts. The flowers themselves are quite small and not as flamboyant as the rest of the plant. Looking at the leaves, you immediately understand why this plant is called Aechmea. In Greek, this name means ‘spearhead’. Some species have a specific leaf pattern that gives the plant extra ornamental value. Beautiful to look at! There are also Aechmeas that will surprise you with colour-changing seed berries.

Nice to know

Bromeliads with thick leaves like a dry environment and Bromeliads with thin leaves prefer a more humid location. The Aechmea can cope well with central heating. On its leaves, the Aechmea has small scales that form a super-efficient absorption system. In desert areas, these serve as heat shields at the same time. There, they prevent the plants from losing unnecessary amounts of moisture in the scorching sun.

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