Meet the plant


The Multiflower is native to Central and South America, where it is still found in countless varieties and colours in the wild. The Multiflowers deserve a special place within our range of Bromeliads.

Their tropical roots make Multiflowers excellent survivors and therefore, they require little maintenance.
icon location
A bright spot, never expose to direct sunlight
icon watering
1x per 2 weeks
icon temperature
14-30 ° C
icon eatbale
Not necessary

Meet the plant

The Multiflower is exceptional in its shape. This is a special Vriesea with several teardrop-shaped flowers in red and yellow-orange colours. The leaves are narrow and compact and they form a beautiful bouquet together with the different flowers. What we conveniently call flowers here, are actually coloured bracts.

Nice to know

Are you interested in one of the Breasy Bromeliads, but can't find your favourite ? Ask for it at the florist or the garden center. These tropical plants are often simply available. Super nice if you show your broad knowledge about the Bromeliads to the specialist, he will be happy to order them for you!

Place Bromelia in a well-lit area in the house away from direct afternoon sun. Give these plants water in the chalice which is the heart of the plant. From this heart, the plant feeds itself. Once the water is no longer visible, the plant must be watered again. On warm days, you can always refresh a bromelia with water from a spray bottle, like a tropical shower.

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