Meet the plant


The Vriesea is one of the stars of the South American tropical rainforest, home to more than 150 different species. It is a Bromeliad with branching flowers and compact bright green leaves.

Their tropical roots make Vrieseas excellent survivors and therefore, they require little maintenance.
icon location
A bright spot, never expose to direct sunlight
icon watering
1x per week in the heart of the plant
icon temperature
14-30 ° C
icon eatbale
Not necessary

Meet the plant

The Vriesea is a houseplant that makes you realize that nature sometimes has a crazy day. It is available in dazzling bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, pink, purple and white. Vrieseas are also available in dual colours. And in bizarre shapes such as long spiked flares, flat spoon-like and broad feathered structures that grow from a leaf rozette.

Nice to know

Out in the wild, Bromeliads feed on rainwater, fallen leaves and bird droppings. The plant captures all of these substances in its central base where a reservoir full of nutrients develops. Not only the Bromeliad feeds on this but animals also use this water reservoir. Birds, monkeys, frogs, but also insects like to come and take sips from it. This plant is especially indispensable for poison frogs; they use the water in the tubular base of the plant to deposit their eggs and thus, to reproduce.

Place the Vriesea in a well-lit area in the house away from direct afternoon sun. Give the plant water in the chalice which is the heart of the plant from where the flower grows. From this heart, the plant feeds itself. Once the water is no longer visible, the plant must be watered again.





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