The Guzmania predominantly grows in the north-west of South America and in the Caribbean; mostly in tropical rain forests. There it grows on trees, where they get more light; the Guzmania extracts moisture and nutrition from the air.

Their tropical roots make Guzmanias excellent survivors and therefore, they require little maintenance.
icon location
A bright spot, never expose to direct sunlight
icon watering
1x per 2 weeks
icon temperature
14-30 ° C
icon eatbale
Not necessary

Care tips

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Meet the plant

This tropical beauty has a captivating effect on its entire environment. The most striking features of the Guzmania are brightly coloured bracts that grow from a beautiful rosette. Between the bracts, it has small unique flowers. The Guzmania is available in many colours and colour variations, such as yellow, red, orange, white, pink or two-tone

Nice to know

This plant was named after the Spaniard who discovered it: Antonino Guzman. He was a pharmacist, botanist and collector of historical objects. From around the year 1900, the first varieties were imported into Europe.

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