The Pineapple plant is the most well-known plant in the Bromeliad family and by far the most popular Bromeliad at the moment. The primeval version grows and produces blooms high in the rugged Cordilleras de los Andes mountains and deep in the warm jungles of Uruguay, where the plant can grow to a diameter of up to two meters.

Their tropical roots make Pineapple plants excellent survivors and therefore, they require little maintenance.
icon location
A bright spot, never expose to direct sunlight
icon watering
1x per 2 weeks
icon temperature
14-30 ° C
icon eatbale
Not necessary

Care tips

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Meet the plant

The Pineapple plant has a very high level of ornamental value, and how could it not? The Pineapple plant is the only Bromeliad to carry a fantastic tropical fruit on its stem. The plant smells wonderfully sweet as the fruit ripens. Although the mini pineapple looks very appetising, it is not suitable for consumption. It is an ornamental fruit.

Nice to know

Did you know that this unique 'anti-snoring' pineapple plant can ensure a good night's sleep? This Pineapple plant, unlike other plants, produces oxygen during the night. Clean air in the bedroom contributes to a deeper sleep and reduces snoring symptoms. Sleep tight!

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